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How To Style A Wrap Skirt | Motto Fashions

Posted by Lauren Browne on 28th Nov 2022

How to wear a wrap skirt

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We are obsessed with the #trending wrap skirt, feminine and flattering for all body shapes Faye & Lauren show you in todays live #howtostyle on Facebook, how easy it is to style a wrap skirt.

Tip 1

It's all about the shoes, Skirts and Heels are the instant go- to, we encourage you to opt for other styles, from runners to boots, knee high or ankle boots. the cute strappy shoe can be saved for special occasions.

Tip 2

Front tuck to hide the sides Lauren and Faye show you how to shape your body with the front tuck. This tucking technique will make the wrap skirt suit all body shapes.

Tip 3

Size up a wrap skirt to provide more coverage and more ways to wear a wrap styles.

Tip 4

Wear shapewear, styling tubes under your skirt to provide extra coverage if you don't want to get those legs out yet.

Tip 5

Always dreamt of longer legs? a wrap skirt creates this illusion by bringing the skirt up high on your waist

#Replay the live to catch up on further outfit inspiration with a wrap skirt. 

We know you will love the wrap skirt trend as much as we do.