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Sustainability | Re - purpose & Re - use | Motto Fashions


Motto have always been committed to reducing our impact on the planet – long before it became a conversation.

As small business owners, we have thrived on being creative with our designs, and our wastage, so there is always a consideration of how something can be re-purposed or re-used before it’s thrown in the bin.

Here is our approach to offcuts, samples, packaging, and production.



When we make a garment, we cut pieces out of a wide piece of fabric. All these pieces are sewn together to make a garment. If we have “gaps” between pieces (which lay on the fabric like a jigsaw puzzle) we take that opportunity to get creative and think about how we can reduce our impact on landfill. 

This process is considered in both our local and offshore production.

  • An example of this is that we have invested into making scrunchies from all our printed shirting offcuts.
  • Larger offcuts or fabric no longer needed has been used to wrap online deliveries and packages (and we encourage people to reuse for gift wrapping instead of using wrapping paper)
  • Motto connects with schools and kindergartens and donate our cardboard rolls and other offcuts to assist with childhood creativity and artwork (so mums and nannas might see their favourite Motto print fabric in your next Christmas card!)



  • Motto partners with Rotary Richmond for 100% donation of our seconds and samples
  • Rotary Richmond uses these items to raise funds for dedicated charities
  • Motto collaborates with Rotary to support causes focusing on disadvantaged women, geographical areas that need support within Australia, or education for women.
  • Motto samples have become an important initiative in Rotary’s fundraising and now provide a regular revenue stream for them to continue giving back to communities
  • Motto choses to work closely with Rotary because 100% of the funds go back to the community and 0% of funds are absorbed in administration like so many other charities.



  • We have switched to minimal packaging in our retail stores and e-commerce packaging
  • Motto carry bags are 100% recyclable
  • Off-shore production has been specifically requested that we use minimal bagging, and we rarely assign 1 bag to 1 garment. We request as many garments as possible in one bag, reducing plastic wrapping
  • Motto re-uses all boxes and cellophane bags that have had to come from overseas



  • Motto produces exclusive quantities. We don’t oversupply like so many other fashion brands. Every piece of clothing we make is sold. We have never put a garment in landfill (and never will). There is always another way, and we are committed to finding it.
  • With only exclusive quantities being made, we have less on sale, and encourage more considered purchases.


We are constantly searching for upgrades in all aspects of our business from manufacturing to delivery to technology.