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About The Brand: 10 Fun Facts About Motto Fashions

Posted by Lauren French on 28th Nov 2022

1. Faye and John (Hubby and Wife team + founders – who are still actively working in the business today) met when they both worked for Witchery – around 40 years ago!! Faye was the head Buyer, and John was head of production both working directly under the CEO. This CEO (no longer at Witchery) helped Faye and John financially to start their own brand – Motto!

2. Lauren/Me (hi!), daughter to Faye and John, current Managing Director for Motto, snagged an INCREDIBLE job at 19 travelling the world as a buyer and product developer. Even more fun facts – this Design Agency happened to be Motto’s very first sales agency in 1985 – YEP WOW and total coincidence (on my part anyway, I’m sure it made my resume go to the top of the pile).

3. Motto started off in business doing on-trend high fashion – shown in the likes of Vogue and Dolly magazine

4. Faye’s real name is Filomena Delle-Valle

5. I was very kindly “asked to leave” a prestigious girl’s school in my teens for being a boss (that’s my version anyway). They clearly didn’t agree with my leadership style.

6. There are 25 people (on an average day) that are working behind the scenes at Motto HQ, each who are as passionate about YOU as we are. You never see most of them, but they get just as excited as you do about new arrivals, the Facebook live streams, new lollies for the online orders and upcoming collections that they always get the first sneak peek at.

7. Motto is a 37-year-old business – yep…WOW. We are so having a 40th birthday party and YOU’RE ALL INVITED!!

8. Faye and I both have a passion for tarot reading. You’ll generally find us at each other’s house on a Sunday, asking questions about business ideas, future planning or creative direction. Always over a cup of herbal tea, kids trying to touch the cards, dogs barking in the background. Total mad house.

9. Our beautiful headquarters in Alphington VIC was a bare shell when we bought it. Imagine “The Block” when the contestants first see their challenge and gulp. Water dripping from the ceiling, broken concrete floors, smashed windows and one huge completely open space!! It took over 1 year for John (founder) and his son (Faye’s son, my brother) plus a whole lot of trades to get it to the glamorous New York style warehouse it is today.

10. Motto have now sold over 5 million garments. So, you are all in very safe hands.