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Faye Browne & Lauren French | Mother Daughter Interview

Posted by Lauren Browne on 28th Nov 2022

The Inside scoop on Mother-Daughter Design Duo, Faye and Lauren Browne.

How long have you both been working together for:

Lauren: Ohhh gosh, a LONG time! About 10 years.   Its almost Motto's 31st Birthday too!

Was working alongside each other always ‘the plan’?

Faye: No Not at all, we (my husband John, co-owner) always supported our kids to follow their dreams, no matter what that might be. Although I cant say we weren’t chuffed when Lauren came home from school when she was about 5 years old and said “I want to be a fashion designer”

How did it come about?

Lauren: I started working for a fashion agency when I finished school so I was always immersed in the fashion world and wanted to be involved in design (doesn’t every girl want to be like their mum?!). After a few years working in many different areas of the rag trade, I was ready for a new challenge and at this stage I could actually bring something to the table to help drive the success that Motto already had. My career at Motto started in the e-commerce area before I did an “un-official” internship by watching my parents work every day and slowly pushed my way in! Now I’m part of the furniture!

And the question on everyone’s mind… How do you make a decision if you have opposing views?

Both in unison: That’s what’s John/Dad is here for!! * giggles *

Faye: John is the voice of reason and the calming influence. When Lauren and I get excited he keeps a level head.

Lauren: We have a “majority wins” rule. I don’t know how they ever came to a decision on what colours were the next big thing before I came along!

What are some of the best things about working together?

Faye: Being able to be with my daughter (and grand-daughter for the first 10 months of her life) every single day. It helps us keep a special bond and we always have each others back, Lauren knows I’m here to step in if she needs me, and I feel the same way about her.

Lauren: I think its particularly great because we can completely be ourselves and only focus on the company (which happens to be our passion so its really fun!). We don’t need to worry about all the ‘politics’ that can be part of work life so I think we can create magic in the design room!

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