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The Art of Silky Textures: How to Craft the Perfect Look

Posted by Lauren Browne on 28th Nov 2022

Faye and Lauren show you how to zhoush many fabrics to create amazing outfits. We have Satin, Silk & Ponte. Our mother & daughter team show you how to mix our new arrivals back with what you have previous purchased.

Tip 1

Focus on the fashion statement piece such as our cargo pants and pop on a white shirt or basic piece on top and some heels or a pair of white sneakers. Don't be afraid to add some more wow with some sequins such as our Navy Sequin Jacket.

Tip 2

Silky textures are shinny don't be afraid to add more shine with sequins

Tip 3

Add leather (Vegan Leather) with our wrap skirt and mix back with silky textures Faye added the New Arrival Silky Wrap Top in Green. View the live to see the amazing way Faye ties the Wrap Top. It's stunning!

Tip 4

When wearing lots of silky fabrics try to wear lots of different weights of fabrics. Such as chiffon and shiny satin, Lauren adds a ponte sisca jacket and takes outfits to classic, soft and pretty.

Tip 5

Team two satin pieces to make the ultimate fashion statement tracksuit, add some heels in a matching colour or pop of colour and everyone will be dancing down the street like JLo.

Faye and Lauren talk Pear Shapes, Apple Shapes, Petite Shapes and Long Legs.