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Declutter Your Wardrobe In A Day: Faye's Top 5 Tips | Motto

Posted by Faye Browne on 28th Nov 2022

New Season means new wardrobe. Just like Spring cleaning it’s time to de clutter your wardrobes. Creating a positive mind-set as you create a positive and exciting space.

I have listed my Top 5 Tips to heighten the positive vibes. Let’s get to it.

1.Know your Style

Your personality shows through your clothing. Knowing your style will help you keep the items that reflect the best version of you. Being unique is a beautiful gift. Start embracing who you are.

2.Save your Fav’s

Be it the little black dress, The killer heels, Or the super soft well loved leather bag. Your favourites make you feel good and remind you of amazing times in your life. So why throw out beautiful memories. Keep them close by.

3.Make the space for me

The more you can clear out the better it is for you, have you heard the saying ‘out with the old, in with the new’ that goes for clothes too, but the ripple effect is how great you feel in fresh new threads. It’s a great feeling to spoil yourself and reward yourself, we sadly don’t do this enough. Make time for you. Let’s commit to make ‘me time’ everyday ladies.

4.Pay it forward

Don’t let your old items end up in landfill. Gift them to friends and family or to a charity. Quality items have years of wear in them. It may not be suitable for you right now, but it could make someone else’s day. Forward your Fashion.

5.Take your time

Ladies it has taken many of you time to fill that wardrobe. Some of you not so long… but this process can take hours not minutes. Set the time aside to take on the challenge of the de clutter, enjoy the emotions that come with it, as you remember times you wore items. Embrace how our bodies have changed, challenge your minds, but know each item you move out and on, a new item can fit for the perfect new you.

This makes the morning routine easier and outfits are easier to put together and you have more time for ‘me’. A Wardrobe is a happy place. It’s a time for playing dress up. it’s a space to connect with yourselves through fashion. It’s a space you can call your own. It’s a space that helps promote the best version of you. Embrace the cleanse.

Faye Browne xo