At Motto, we are more than just pioneers; we are a group of individuals with a shared goal of excellence, innovation and integrity underpinning all we do. Thanks to an enviable pool of talented people, we have evolved to become one of Australia’s premier retailers and fashion destinations. To continue growth of the Motto Empire, we are always looking for talented people to join our team who share the same passion for customer service and fashion that we do. If your skills lie within fashion and sales, we can offer you a range of challenging roles in a truly unique environment. If you want to know more about the family behind Motto, you can read our story here.

Opportunities currently available


Flagship Store 2IC - Knox Shopping Centre

Full time role: 30-38 hours (neg)

An opportunity has arisen within our company for an aspiring store manager who loves pleasing customers and loves the thrill of a fast paced store!

This is a full time role (with options for 30 hours if preferred), and is based at our Flagship Store at Knox Shopping Centre.


The Perks of working at Motto - (we'll start here, because let's be honest, we all love a good perk):

  • Work and be trained by a top tier manager
  • Be part of a driven culture who are completely customer focused
  • Enjoy a $100 voucher on your birthday
  • 50% off all retail prices - with no thresholds to how many styles you can indulge in
  • Motto vouchers and incentives are provided weekly to those who achieve super sales (every great sales persons wardrobe is exploding!)
  • Promotions are always offered internally, you will have the chance to apply for any position within our company before the role goes public.
  • Regular training and development sessions are held at Motto HQ, and developed and ran by founder Faye Browne. They are available to all staff as often as you would like to attend.


This position will suit a person who thrives working in a team of dedicated women, all with the common goal of growth and maintaining a high quality of customer service. You will have input to the direction and growth of our flagship store, and working alongside the manager you will have the opportunity to implement and strategize marketing opportunities tailored for our Knox Store. This role requires someone who is customer and sales focused, passionate about Motto, and excited about finding new opportunities and seeing them through. 


Reporting to the Store Manager, the key responsibilities in this role include:

  • Sitting as acting manager when the Store Manager isn't rostered on
  • Maintaining high levels of sales across the entire team, in particular when the Store Manager isn't there
  • Working alongside the Store Manager, developing and implementing opportunities for store growth
  • Providing a top level of customer service including sales, follow up and offering a personalised customer experience


The ideal candidate will:

  • Be motivated to give every customer a WOW moment
  • Previous experience working in the fashion industry
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Be reliable and punctual
  • Have a keen eye for fashion trends
  • Have previous experience in merchandising
  • Be available to work some weekends (or one day of) and occasional nights, to ensure you are working when the Store Manager isn't rostered on


Experience Needed:

  • Minimum 2 years experience working in retail or sales


To apply, please send us your resume and a cover letter (to outlining your most relevant experience. 




Williamstown Store - Sales Assistant
Casual, 10-15 hours per week
The working environment at Motto Williamstown is a positive and rewarding one. If you enjoy working in a supportive team environment and believe in continuous development then we wuld love to hear from you! 

This is a casual role, and is based at the Motto Williamstown Store VIC.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Be motivated to give every customer a WOW moment
  • Experience in retail fashion store is preferred
  • Commitment to be involved in a private Facebook group, available to approved customers
  • A flair and love for fashion

The perks of working at Motto:

  • $100 Birthday Voucher
  • Fantastic Staff discounts
  • Ongoing sales training hosted by our founder Faye Browne
  • The chance to work alongside a brilliant team and fashion focused manager, who will inspire and excite you
  • Lots of extra incentive vouchers along the way, to keep your wardrobe nice and full!

To apply, please send us your resume and a cover letter (to outlining your most relevant experience or why you think you would be perfect for this role.


There are currently no positions available in any other Motto Stores, but if you'd like to send in your resume for us to keep on file, please do so by filling in the form below.   


Roles & Responsibilities at Motto

Opportunities to join our company are across a range of positions from casual sales staff to Store Managers who run their stores as if it was their own business.

We have roles such as:

Sales & Service Assistant – Casual (minimum 12 hours per week)
Store Manager – Full Time

How to Apply:

At any time, you can email your resume to, regardless of whether a position is listed as available or not. If you love Motto and believe you belong at Motto, let us know! We believe in succession planning and want to make sure everyone can aim towards their role within the company.

The Perks of working at Motto

We believe that a job well done should be rewarded, so we have an incentives program for staff for that very purpose. Staff incentives vary, and are offered every month.

  • 50% Staff discount across all Motto Stores
  • Bonus and incentives for all staff and management roles
  • $100 Birthday Gift Vouchers
  • Be surrounded by positive and passionate women
  • All positions are advertised internally, to give you the opportunity to grow within company.
  • We believe that time spent with family and friends is vital, so all staff are offered very flexible working hours in support of this.
  • Custom tailored Training & Development which you will not receive anywhere else – Certificate supplied on completion
  • Lifetime member discounts

Training & Development

  • 4 day Sales and Image training program conducted by owner Faye Browne
  • Mentoring program for new staff
  • Monthly managers meetings to stay current and united
  • Frequent training held at our Head Office which is available to all staff covering categories such as sales, image training, customer service skills and everything in between.
  • Succession planning

Share the Love

We reached out to our staff and asked them what makes working at Motto so fantastic to them?

At Motto you are not a number but a valued employee whose suggestions and opinions matter. It doesn't get much better than that.  

Fay, Store Manager, Niddrie 6 years with Motto

I was a customer of the store for 5 years and now I have been lucky enough to be employed by Motto for 5 months in a casual position.  It has been a breathtaking experience working for this company and having such a wonderful manager who is so devoted to the company yet a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to coming to work, to this positive, encouraging environment.  The company really cares for their employees and customers and they are genuine.  If you're looking for a dream job, this is it. The clothing is addictive, so fresh and fashionable and always something new and exciting.  

Halina, Niddrie Store, 6 years with Motto

The best thing about working at Motto is the clothes. No seriously, Motto is a reputable company with solid foundations and excellent values. The work culture is exceptional and as a solid family owned business each store and staff member are treated as an extension of that unit. I believe that everyone in Motto share the same values, common priorities, seek high performance and commitment both with staff members and (current and potential) customers. What makes Motto successful is our talented, happy and dedicated staff. What I love most about Motto is not only the great people that I am surrounded by, but also the customer that walks into our boutique for the first time who is daunted and perplexed by our clothing and thinks "these clothes are certainly not for me", after having a little play and try on realizes that our clothing are most flattering, colourful and versatile- customer later leaving with her new outfit and feeling like a "goddess".   

Nikky, Pines Store, 8 years

Let’s Talk Values, by Lauren Browne 

After a lengthy day of staff training, an interesting question was posed to our management team as to what Motto is actually selling. Are we really selling dresses, tunics, colours, pants? It kept me thinking all night about what we actually offer and where we want to sit as a company. A recurring trend that kept popping up while we were discussing this topic was that we don’t sell product at all! We sell dreams, style, elegance, and confidence, an ultimate shopping experience for our customers to be themselves and dress to match who they really are. At Motto, we’re all about giving our customers the best possible experience, while creating an environment that’s great to work in.  We believe that if we get those two things right then the most important people to this company will be happy - our staff that drive us forward and our customers who allow us to keep living our values.

Motto lives by 5 core values which determine how we interact with each other and our customers. They are at the core of everything we do so if you want to know what it's like to work at Motto, read through our 5 values and I'm sure you will get a pretty good idea of how we work!

  1. Our customers always come first
  2. Make sure every customer has a ‘WOW’ moment
  3. Take responsibility
  4. Be innovative
  5. Be a team

#1  – Our customers are number one!

Outstanding customer service is the absolute priority for the whole Motto team, so there’s a reason why this is the first of our five values!

Motto staff will always make sure our customers love more than just our clothes; we give it our all to make sure they love the experience of shopping with us. It's so important to us that they feel amazing, beautiful and confident walking out of a store or receiving their online purchase. We want to ensure when they get home, they are excited to show their husbands, girlfriends or family, the newest additions to their wardrobe and we hope the excitement can rub off on them too!

#2 - Make sure every customer has a ‘WOW’ moment

‘Wow’ moments happen every day at Motto and we often get phone calls from customers raving about their in-store experience! There is nothing better than coming to work on a Monday morning, and reading a gorgeous email from a customer who had a special experience in one of our stores! This drives us to work harder, and create an even better environment for our staff and customers to enjoy.

#3 – Empowering employees to take responsibility

Our staff are the heart of the Motto family, and work lovingly and confidently to make sure our customers feel like a valued part of our extended family. 

In order for you to be able to do this, it’s important you are empowered to create your own destiny within the organization.  This means you have the ability to make decisions, devise new ideas, and do what it takes to deliver an amazing product and experience to our customers.

With this power comes an expectation of responsibility, meaning that all Motto staff are in charge of their own actions and are encouraged to propose solutions rather than justify problems.

The advantage to you is that you are not just a number at Motto. You will have access to the owners and can speak freely and comfortably with store managers who are there to support you and build long lasting relationships with you.  Our staff value responsibility and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure things are perfect for their customer.

# 4 - Embracing innovation

Motto stands for creative, unique and forward thinking designs that are Australian Made, designed and delivered within 3 weeks from sketch pad to store, with colours and styles that meet the seasons top trends. 

# 5 – Being a Team to Keep the Motto Family Happy

I’ve already mentioned that our staff really are at the heart of the Motto team.  In fact, they are so important to us that our fifth and final value is dedicated to them and ensures that the heart of this family is happy and healthy.

Although at Motto we like to have a lot of fun, there are some things we take very seriously.  Employee satisfaction is one of these things.  Whether in our stores or in our offices, managers have the explicit goal of making sure all of our employees are happy with the work they are doing and the environment that they are working in. 

So why do we take employee satisfaction so seriously?  Well, it’s hard not to when your colleagues are like your working family.  On top of this, we understand that working as a team of people with a united set of values is the key to our success, and that this won’t be possible if our employees are unhappy.

Finally, we recognise that keeping the heart of the family running happily and healthily means that our extended family (our wonderful customers) benefit too.  We love hearing that customers have had a great experience with a particular staff member or the team in general, and we know that employees who are happy, who love their jobs, and who feel like part of a team of people committed to a common goal, are the ones who will go above and beyond for both their colleagues and their customers.

If you think that Motto is the company for you, why not submit an expression of interest and tell us a bit about yourself and what you have to offer Motto. Feel free to email resumes to and tell us where you believe you could fit into our company.